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100% Swiss Made Movement

This unique Rolex Deepsea Gold is equipped with a Rolex 3135 Swiss cloned movement. Our Movements are Swiss Made in our Geneva Watch Movement Labs and they are 100% identical to the genuine.  They have the same looks and same fine sweep second hand motion as on a real Rolex. Even a jeweler will be impressed by the finish and motion accuracy of 28.000 vibrations per hour and say that its a genuine Rolex.

Solid 18K Yellow Gold Wrap DLC Coating

The Gold Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating bonds-wraps over 30g of pure 18k Yellow Gold on the 904L Stainless Steel surface. DLC coating with titanium nitride is scratch proof so Gold will never fade and will test positive on a gold test.

Our Gold Deepsea is a Gold wrapped Swiss made watch that due to our Unique DLC technique the Gold wrap will last forever. Plus our Swiss made movement guarantees that the watch will last you a lifetime!

The Most Unique Rolex DeepSea ever made! Very Rare!

This is an extremely rare Swiss watch that even Rolex will envy! The watch is made with the best in the World Gold wrap technique and features a Swiss Movement and 904L steel. With over 30g of pure 18k Yellow Gold wrapped on the 904L Stainless Steel the shine will last forever!

Scratch-resistant Ceramic bezel insert with numerals and graduations coated in 18k Yellow Gold.  A statement in black, pure in appearance the deep black dial with Gold Indices, Black Superlume and Gold Hands looks AMAZING! Its made entirely in Switzerland by Bespoke Luxury Watch Specialists which are Masters in world’s finest luxury timepieces modification.

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Posted onAugust 17, 2019

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Posted onAugust 17, 2019

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